Whether flight seeing, enjoying a leisurely lunch on a secluded island, flying down a jungle canyon, or being transferred to your resort, Vanuatu Helicopters will give you a better view of paradise!


Soar through the canopy of the Vanuatu jungle and over canyons, while marveling at the amazing views over Mele Bay. Suitable for all ages in rain or shine, You and the whole family will have a great time and make some great memories

jet boat

Tourism Awards for Best Adventure Activity (2017 & 2018). Full of surprising twists, turns and a lot of splashes. Our 30 minute jet boat ride is the most exhilarating water tour in the South Pacific!


Tanna Island

A tour to Tanna Island to view Vanuatu’s famous Mt Yasur Volcano is an experience of a lifetime. Mt Yasur Volcano, on the southern Vanuatu island of Tanna, is probably the archipelago’s most iconic landmark, and justly so. The locals cannot remember a time when Tanna Volcano wasn’t coughing up its blazing entrails, shooting lava bombs and a volcanic ash cloud hundreds of meters into the air, every few minutes. Leaving Vanuatu without having witnessed ‘up close and personal’ the Mt Yasur Volcano fireworks phenomena is akin to not seeing the Eiffel Tower when visiting Paris